Moonlight Mile Preview Special

Moonlight Mile Preview SpecialWhat I want to convey is the heat.

The author of Moonlight Mile, Ootagaki Yasuo.

It’s a feeling like going up into space.

Alpinist, Noguchi Ken.

Why do people go to the Moon?

I want to go there.

Saruwatari Gorou.

There is no limit in outer space.


As climbing partners they conquered the highest
mountain in each of the five continents,

using their extraordinary physical strength,
during their college years.

At the peak of Mt. Everest, they saw the
ISA Space Station in outer space.

They had found a new purpose,

and each attempted to get to space in his own way.

Around the same time, a potential next-generation energy source, Далее…

Moonlight Mile 01

Moonlight Mile 01My name is Fatoma Drake.

I was chosen as a member of the second mission to the moon.

Everything was going smoothly until the Spider Lift went down.


We fell on to the dark side of the moon.

It would take twelve hours for a rescue team
to arrive from the moon base.

But my oxygen tank will only last five hours.

If I wait for them, I’ll die.

There is only one way to survive.

One-hundred five kilometers from here, in an unclaimed container,

there is an oxygen tank.

Then, I can fix my radio to let others know my location.

I can run six times faster on the moon, but I’m
carrying 140 kilograms in weight, including the spacesuit. Далее…

Chaos Head 11 Independence mkv

I am Nishijou Takumi.

The truth that Rimi revealed to me,

was the fact that I was created from a gigalomaniax’s delusion.

Rimi knows things I don’t.

Something is happening without me realizing it.

Is Nanami, who was kidnapped safe?

But… I’m just an existence of delusion.

I felt as if nothing mattered any more.

That was when Shogun appeared in front of me again.

Who are you?

I am You.

The person who made the delusion which created me…

All those eyes I felt looking at me were you.

At this rate, the world will die.

All the people’s hearts will be controlled by Noah II.

That doesn’t concern me! Далее…

Chaos Head 07 Realization mkv

I am Nishijou Takumi…

Supported by Rimi, I searched disparately for the Di-Sword.

grim: It’s clearly related to the New Gene.

grim: The 5th incident happened!

nighthalt: What’s the new information?

grim: Thanks to that, we got another “Those eyes, whose eyes are they?” case.

grim: You came way too late, nighthalt.

As if he wanted to provoke me, the fifth new gene incident - ‘Noutarin’ happened.

The victim was Dr. Takashina, a psychologist.

Even more, I found out Ayase had a mental disorder in the past and was in a sanatorium.

I will be saved, if I find the Di-Sword.

Is it okay to trust her words?

Just when I thought that… Далее…

Phantom 02

Phantom 02karuma nando mo onaji koto wo kurikaeshi no naka wo
Karma, in the midst of ever-repeating events

ochite itta
it fell…

karuma kono karada wa rasen no you
Karma; this body is like a spiral

umare kawatte mo nao mayoi tsuzuketeru
Even if it’s reborn, yet it continues to wander

yasuraka ni… owari ni shiyou
Tenderly… bring it to an end

onore no aza de
With my own birthmark

I have to kill… or I’ll be killed!

Are you awake?


There is no need to be afraid.

I won’t attack you anymore.

You are…

If you are asking about my name, I don’t have one.

If you don’t know what to call me, call me Ein. Далее…

Tenjou Tenge OVA 02

Tenjou Tenge OVA 02I’m in no condition to fight the Shikkoubu
in my current emotional state.

You novice…

Here I go!

I heard you were in an accident.

Are you hurt?


I heard it was in an open area and there
weren’t any other vehicles involved.

What exactly happened?

A cat ran in front of me. That’s it.

This is such a shameful body.

Back then, I died.

I only have a little more time left.

Nagi… Souichiro.

Well, it’s a big improvement that you’ve started
coming to class compared to your first year,

but can’t you at least sleep more ladylike, Natsume?

I won’t bother the class, so please don’t mind me. Далее…

Tenjou Tenge OVA 01

Tenjou Tenge OVA 01Take this!

It wasn’t Maya’s fault!

Say, Mitsuomi, don’t push yourself.

The finale of our long battle isn’t supposed to be here.

The Honorable Martial Arts Tournament…
Let’s settle everything there.

Let’s see…

It’s this way.

Hey, how far is this?

We’re almost there.


I’ve prepared a special coach.

Follow Aya.

Special coach?

Listen, the fight with yourself is the true war.

Don’t forget that.


Huh? Yeah.

But still, you seem really happy.

Of course I am! That’s because we’re on a date! A date!

No matter what you think it is, it’s not.

That’s because, Souichiro-sama, you’re
always thinking about Onee-chan. Далее…

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 07

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 07Everyone.


What is…

That suspicious cape and staff!

You’re not our regular teacher, are you?

Looks like I’ve been found out.

I am the masked teacher from the Despair Empire,

I’m Despair!

Kafuka-chan, Meru-chan!

Let’s transform!


Zetsubou Sensei

Let’s pit the passion of hope

against despair.

Let’s walk the path we must.

There is no need for words.

Let’s forcefully awaken to our destiny.

Your worst enemy is sometimes yourself.

BURNING HEART, a little more.

We’ll kick the ground with all our might

and force our way.

To the limits, GOGO!

Something like a BARRIER, Далее…

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 06

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 06School Closing

Report Cards


I understand that you might be nervous about your report cards,

but your teacher

believes in non-reporting, so I won’t be giving you your reports.

Thanks to Anonymous @ >>10390749 for the script!

Also, for the love of Christ, please someone else pick up this series!

What are you talking about!

Let me hand them out first.

It’s all blackened.

I can’t read anything.

It’s a non-report card.

Since over 80% of this class

doesn’t actually want to find out their grades anyway, right?

Non-report agreed!


I agree as well.

Me too.

Wait, Далее…

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 05

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 05Good morning.

The curry you gave us last time

was delicious.


I’ll bring you something next time as well.

Thanks to Anonymous @ >>10321810 for the script!

Also, for the love of Christ, please someone else pick up this series!

Team Play

Hang in there!


Why aren’t we participating as well?

Because our class is

is strictly to be cultured.

We shall have a cultured athletics festival!

What are you talking about?

If we were to participate in an athletics festival with people who train every day,

we would be in big trouble!

It’d be like tossing a rabbit with a pulled muscle into a lion’s den! Далее…